Application Guide

WORK IN PROGRESSThings to consider! NOTE: This is mainly for those who buy the specialty vinyl like oil slick, glitter, chrome, etc. Specialty vinyl are a bit sensitive and in no way compared to regular gloss/matte vinyl in terms of its outdoor lifespan and conditions it faces. This is still a nice guide to follow if you want to ensure its fullest potential

Preparation of Stickers:
Make sure it’s sunny outside with temperatures of at least 75° F (24° C). Check your weather forecast and make sure they won’t be rain or high humidity for the next few days!

[ Isopropyl alcohol (Rubbing alcohol) ]: It’s preferred you use isopropyl alcohol rather than other home use products as the compounds used varies and could potentially ruin the paint as well as reduce the strength of the adhesive of the vinyl.
[ Standard paper towels ]: No need to use rags as whatever else the rag was used prior could affect the vinyl. Even if it was clean, you could leave behind small particles like lint onto the surface that would also potentially ruin the adhesive of the vinyl. Standard papers will get the job done!

After application of stickers:
Once everything is all done, avoid touching the vinyl and just let the adhesive do it’s thing and adhere to the surface. It is best to at least let it adhere for up to 72 hours for best results. Hope an unexpected rainy day or drop in temperature doesn’t occur in the next couple days. If there is anything I have missed something wrong, please let me know!